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"Unhealthy" foods.

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Replace these foods by fruits or vegetables as often as you can. Your body will function better and you'll have more energy.

Wrong food categories
  • Animal food;
  • White flour;
  • Refined Sugar;
  • Stimulants;

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Animal foods are: meat, milk, yoghurt, cheese, bouillon, butter, fish, shellfish, eggs e.g. 
If you look into it you'll be amazed how much products in the supermarket contain some kind of animal based product. If you want to become a strict vegan it is not easy. The food pattern of the Western civilisation is based on animal products. In fact this is very strange since we know that many modern diseases are caused by an overconsumption of animal food.

If you want to lose weight quickly it is a must to stay away from animal products. There are two reasons why you have to abstain from animal food if you want to slim down fast:

  • The energy animal foods contain consists of proteins. Proteins take a longer time to digest and are burnt in a different, more cumbersome way than fruits and vegetables. Burning proteins is a body polluting process so it will not contribute to a healthy functioning of the cells. For more about this subject see the burning process.
  • Animal products contain a lot of fattening cholesterol whereas fruits and vegetables do not contain any cholesterol.

White flour forms a sticky substance in the intestines and cardiovascular vessels, causes constipation and deregulates the digestive system. For a proper burning process you have to stay away as much as you can from white flour.
Products that contain white flour are: white bread, pizza, buns, pancakes, crepes e.g.

Refined white sugar is a stimulant and therefore mentioned at 4 but we treat white sugar here because allmost every product you buy at the store contains some kind of refined white sugar. Check those labels! If you consume refined white sugar your body will start craving for more. This effect is not known with the consumption of natural sugars. Try to avoid products that contain this worldly accepted stimulant. Examples: sodas, icecream, candy, ketchup, other sauces and literally thousands of other products in the supermarket. Inform yourself and check the labels.

Characteristic for stimulants is that they can quickly change a mental or bodily state but that the change is never made permanently and is only a temporary solution. We use stimulants to make us feel good. If you try to control a symptom with stimulants, the cause of that symptom will remain. So try to stay away from stimulants as much as you can. The most well known stimulants are:
  • Refined white sugar;
  • Coffee,
  • Alcohol;
  • Cigarettes;
  • Spices;
  • Red meat;
  • Diet pills;
  • Drugs. 
Click here for more information about stimulants.

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