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The Fruit Pages is a typical specialty-content-site. This means that our highly specialized content provides a unique advertising opportunity for advertisers: they can place their message in quality, targeted content that is viewed by highly involved visitors -- so their message reaches the right person in the right context.

Target Audience The Fruit Pages
1) Demographics:

Female = 77%;
Male = 23%.
United States = 64%;
United Kingdom = 10%;
Canada = 8%.
Under 18 = 18%;
18-24 = 24%;
25-34 = 22%;
35-44 = 15%.
45+ = 21%.

Geographic Targeting
Geo-targeting is the ability to deliver advertising messages to viewers in a specific geographic area. Geo-targeting can be as broad as a country - e.g. United Kingdom, to as narrow as a Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) - e.g. Boston.

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