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  • Most fruits we know are the result of years of constant improvement by human beings. The apple is a good example. The fruit as we know it wouldn't have been as big, tasty and nutritious as it is today if it hadn't been cultivated and crossed for years. Cultivation is also the reason why certain apple types contain more vitamin C than others.
  • Always eat fruit on an empty stomach. If you eat fruit after dinner the fruit can't be burned properly and will ferment. When eaten before dinner the sugars are burnt immediately, producing instant energy.
  • Vitamin C: smokers can compensate the destructive effect that smoking has on the vitamin C level in the blood by eating fruit. Oranges and all other citrus fruits, kiwis, strawberries, black berries, mangos and papayas contain much vitamin C. Almost every fruit contains a substantial amount of vitamin C and the guava contains the most vitamin C.
  • Check out why we should eat more fruit or go to the home page for an overview of the subjects treated on the entire web site.

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