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Fruit and the memory
Fruit has a very positive effect on the brains just like carrots. So if you want to stimulate your brain functions you have to eat much fresh fruit and carrots (raw).

One of the substances that fruit contains are natural sugars. They stimulate the brain so we can think faster and recall information more quickly. There are many other substances that fruit contains which scientists think they stimulate the brain. How this works and which substance is responsible for which effect is still unknown as of yet and research is done at this very moment.

Students: improve your exam results!
We would like to tell you more about how students can improve their results by changing their eating habits before they have an exam. Fruit is the ultimate brain fuel!
You can actually improve your test results simply by changing your eating habits between waking up and doing the exam. The big trick is to consume fruit effectively. Have only fruit but as much as you want before you do your test and avoid the brain blocking foods white flour, refined white sugar, meat and dairy.

Check it out yourself once and you'll notice that you can think much more clear and faster if you have only eaten the right and light stuff before the exam. Afterwards you can have whatever you want!

The effect fruit has on your brain is that it makes you think faster and recall information more easily. This is only an example. There is much more to learn about nutrition. There is also nutrition that has a negative effect on your brains.

Brain blockers
Here is a list of things that have a negative effect on the functioning of the brains:

  • White flour, especially in combination with cheese. This forms a sticky substance in the intestines that costs much energy to digest. Much blood has to be sent to the digestive system so it cannot be sent to your head;
  • Refined white sugar;
  • Turkey; it contains a toxic element that has a strong tiring effect, it makes you sleepy;
  • The combination of proteins (meat) and starch (potatoes). These two foods are burnt in a different way. It will cost your body more energy to burn them together than apart from each other. 

  • For more theoretical information see: Sugar in fruit.

Inform yourself
Not only fruit stimulates your brains, another type of food that does is carrots. Eat some raw carrots at least once a week to stimulate your memory.

A good memory is a joy for life!

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