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Blue-berries & bil-berries
  • Are also called huckleberries.
  • The edible dark-blue berry of an European shrub (bil-berry).
  • The edible dark-blue berry of an American shrub (blue-berry).
  • Blueberries are about three times bigger in size as bilberries and they taste alike. The juice of blueberries is white, the juice of bilberries is red.
  • Raspberries & Blackberries

  • The Raspberry is the small dark edible fruit of a wild shrub.
  • The raspberry is a type of bramble.
  • Are still expensive. It has been tried to improve these berries. Producing larger fruits like has been done with strawberries did work but had a very negative effect on the taste of these fine berries. That's the reason why there aren't large raspberries on the market. Maybe in the future someone might discover a rare seedling and is able to cultivate a large tasty raspberry. We can't hardly wait 'till it is so far!
  • Currants

  • There are white-, red-, black- and pink currants.
  • Cranberry juice is very good for the prostrate.
  • Cranberries

  • Cranberries can only be eaten when cooked. Add a little sugar and cook for 10 minutes to make a cranberry compote.
  • Grapes

  • Green or purple berry growing in clusters on vines, used for making wine or eaten as fruit.
  • Champagne is a fruitdrink too. (-;
  • Grapes have been cultivated for a long time. Egyptian reliefs from 2440 BC show vineyards and pictures of wine making.  Noach planted a vineyard before this all happened. It is common knowledge that the Romans loved and cultivated the fruit. Since then the fruit has been spread all over the world.
  • There are two types of grapes: tablegrapes, to be eaten raw, and winegrapes; used for the production of wine.
  • Strawberries

  • The allergic reaction the eating of strawberries can cause is usually caused by the little hairs on the fruit. There is a good chance that the strawberries will not irritate if you rinse them with hot water before eating.
  • Strawberries contain much vitamin C and iron.
  • They have to be eaten within one or two days because they are picked when they are ripe.
  • Strawberries whiten the teeth.

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